Importance of Certified Reference Material

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Vaishali Mishra
Meenu Verma
Akanksha Singh
Alok Lehri
Mahesh Pal


Certified reference materials (CRMs) are "controls" or standards that are used to verify analytical measurement techniques, calibrate instruments, and assess the quality and metrological traceability of items. Many analytical methods need a reference material of known concentration of purity for quantitation purposes. In national and international standardisation efforts as well as in the accreditation of laboratories, RMs and CRMs are becoming more and more crucial. The materials that are sufficiently homogenous and stable with regard to one or more defined attributes are known as reference materials (RMs). These RMs and CRMs are widely used in pharma industry, food industry and research institutions which are very expensive and are imported from foreign countries. Thus, it is the need of hour to prepare these CRMs in India to boost the economy of our country.

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