Monkey Pox-a viral disease

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D K Awasthi
N K Awasthi


Monkey pocks is a viral deceased its symptoms are similar to chicken pocks, cow pocks, Horse Pocks and camel pocks. Its transmission takes place through animal to human community its symptoms appears after 8 to 10 days as blister, pustule, High Fever, it is another viral deceased during Covid-19 it was shown first 1958 in monkeys. Monkey pocks transmitted case was first discovered 1970 this virus was discovered first in 1958 in State Serum Institute in colony of Cynomologas monkeys in Copenhagen. It belongs to Orthopocks virus genus. Its infection symptoms are high fever, Severe Headache, Back Pain, Myalgia and Severe weakness. It generally effect the face, palms and soles of the feet it has no vaccine only protection is the remedy.

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