Implementing Lightweight Cryptography in Enterprises Adopting IoT for IT Transformation

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Kavita Bhatia
Santosh Kumar Pandey
Vivek Kumar Singh
Deena Nath Gupta
Rajendra Kumar


Today’s technology connects different physical objects through a network by which they can transfer their data to each other as per requirement. This arrangement is commonly known as the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT mainly consists of constrained devices. Devices not directly connected with the electric shoket Instead they work with stored energy only are known as low energy devices. Additionally, these devices manage to work with low storage power and low transmission power. It is necessary to implement lightweight algorithms in an IoT environment in order to provide the devices with a secure and seamless mode of communication. The researchers from all around the globe are currently working in this field. Lightweight cryptography consists of algorithms that work on low energy and small storage. In this paper, the authors present a study and comparison of some well known light weight cryptographic algorithms.

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Bhatia K, Pandey S, Singh V, Gupta D, Kumar R. Implementing Lightweight Cryptography in Enterprises Adopting IoT for IT Transformation. ANSDN [Internet]. 31Jul.2022 [cited 29Jan.2023];10(01):. Available from:
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