Covid-19 Epidemic and Role of World Health Organization

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Ashutosh Tripathi
Ajay Kumar Pal


The first wave of the Spanish flu pandemic occurred in March 1918, when World War First was heading towards its final phase1. This initial wave was caused by the Chinese laboures who were brought to Europe. Starting in the war zones of Europe, the epidemic engulfedsoldiers from all sides. Then when they returned to their respective countries or were released from jails, the infection spread withthem to the interior of those countries. After a winter, once again the first case of Kovid-19 infection has been reported from Wuhancity of China since December 2019, today the number of corona virus infections across the world has crossed 2.54 crores, which has more than 8.49 lakhs till now2 people have died. The United Nation health agency, the World Health Organization, has played an important role in dealing with this worldwide pandemic since the first case of COVID-19 infection was revealed. The Director General ofthe organization has given information about those six important points. Under which the UN agency is leading the global actiona gainst Kovid-19 infection. In the present article, a brief description of what the World Health Organization has played in the coronaepidemic is given.

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