Herd Immunity-A Scientific Analysis

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Deepak Kumar Srivastava
Bhanu Pratap Singh
Arvind Kumar Tiwari


COVID-19 disease, caused by CORONA virus (Sars-Cov-2) is a pandemic all over the world. Death rate and CORONA infected patients are increasing continuously. Till date no effective treatment has been discovered by the scientists. Development of vaccine isin 2nd and 3rd stage in many countries. A sect of scientists are of openion that only way to fight with the disease is ‘Herd Immunity’. Present paper deals with the cause, possible treatment and prophylaxis of the COVID-19 disease.

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Srivastava D, Singh B, Tiwari A. Herd Immunity-A Scientific Analysis. ANSDN [Internet]. 15Dec.2020 [cited 3Oct.2022];8(1):186-90. Available from: https://anushandhan.com/index.php/ANSDHN/article/view/1699
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