Effect of lockdown on environment during Corona period

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Deepak Kohli


Various types of epidemics like Swine flu, Sars, Bird flu, Ibola virus, Nipah virus and Corona virus have disturbed the whole world since two decades. Old epidemics had their effects on restricted areas of globe while Corona virus affected almost everypart of the world. On one hand Corona severely affected whole world and on the other hand prophylactic steps like lockdown gave positive results in terms of environmental restoration. Positive signals given during Corona lockdown are indicative for future. Present article deals with effect of lockdown on environment during lockdown.

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Kohli D. Effect of lockdown on environment during Corona period. ANSDN [Internet]. 15Dec.2020 [cited 29Jul.2021];8(1):159-62. Available from: https://anushandhan.com/index.php/ANSDHN/article/view/1693
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