Stress management during the outbreak of 2019 Novel Corona-virus

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Uzma Afaq
Anand Mishra
Gyanendra Kumar


The zoonotic virus (2019-nCoV) has been first proclaimed in Wuhan (China). It has tremendously affecting the world and no precise vaccination has been found till date. The growth rate of infection, causality, and recovery is completely in vague for this pandemic. The outbreak of Corona-virus disease is exponentially sweeping across the world and is triggering chaos, fear, anxiety, and stress among the people. Uncertainty and unpredictability of this infectious disease is creating stress which include changes in sleep and eating patterns, increased use of alcohol and worsening of chronic health problems. The long prevalence of this deadly disease may create different types of psychological disorders among the people. Even though, healthcare sector is doing a meticulous job against this catastrophic event, but for stress management during this virus outbreak we must take breaks from watching and reading news stories including social media, eat healthy meals, start reading books, exercise regularly, avoid alcohol, engage ourselves with indoor activities, communicate with our loved ones, etc. Above all, there is a need to be relaxed and have a sound sleep to avoid the bad consequences of this menacing environment.

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Afaq U, Mishra A, Kumar G. Stress management during the outbreak of 2019 Novel Corona-virus. ANSDN [Internet]. 15Dec.2020 [cited 3Oct.2022];8(1):151-4. Available from:
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