Analytical Study of Global Problem Greenhouse Effect

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Brajesh Singh


In Twenty first century, world is facing two major problems global warming and terrorism. Global warming means expected continuous increase in average temperature air, Ocean and surface of earth from twentieth century. In 2005 average increase of temperature for 100 years near earth crust is found to be 180 centigrade. Green House Effect is natural and critical process. Surrounding near earth act as surface of Green House. 31 percent of rays emerging from Sun reflect back to universe from surface of earth and 20 percent is absorb by the atmosphere. Remaining rays is absorb by the waves present at earth surface and also by the waves present at sea surface and then converted into energy. This energy makes the atmospheric hot. Some gases of earth atmosphere act as a surface of green house and bind the energy at surface of earth by making earth surface hot and due to this possibility of life is possible on earth. Analytical study of Greenhouse effect is made in the present article.

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